Senin, 15 Oktober 2012


Hello guys 

I would like to tell you all about TEXAS

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Komang number 19 in this class. Unlike any other class, we are "SPECIAL CLASS". 

No one can be compared with TEXAS. Well of course because we are extraordinary, this means that we have something 'special' in our class. Beside we have intelligent student in our class, we also have some expert in our class. Almost all of students in our class have amazing ability, from chess to basketball, from drawing to debate, from counting to reading, from volleyball to soccer, and so on. We also have some AMAZING TEACHERS to teach us. Well mostly, I think this is the best class not only because I’m in it but also because I have beautiful and amazing friends in here. Let me show you some of my friends (just the leader and vice leader of class) :

IB. Tri Ojas
Leader of TEXAS

expert in basketball and other sports, good guy, always online on facebook at around 7 pm, have curly hair. He has the same school with me since elementary school and his father teach me when I was elementary school. 

Agung Herlambang
Vice Leader of TEXAS, 
my physics group, member of SISPENA, funny person, some says he has handsome and cool face, some says he is a mysterious man. Well, who knows.. 

For another member of TEXAS, sorry guys I can't put y'all in here. :(

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